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SAINTE-RADEGONDE - FREDERIC GUSTAVE ASCH - Vase Art Deco Bleu de Tours  - c.1930

SAINTE-RADEGONDE - FREDERIC GUSTAVE ASCH - Vase Art Deco Bleu de Tours - c.1930

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Ovoid earthenware vase with gold and silver abstract decoration on a unique blue background enamel base designed by Frederic Gustave Asch and manufactured at the faiëncerie de Saint-Clement founded by him.


Frederic Gustave Asch was the founder in 1883 of the Faiëncerie De Sainte-Radegonde, a suburb of the city of Tours. He sold his company in 1893 to Herbinière a patented ceramist from the professional school of Vierzon. Asch was the inventer of the "blue de four", blue oven enamel which he commercialised under the name "blue de Tours". This dark blue enamel refers to the famous "blue de Sèvres", the worldwide reputated Sèvres faiëncerie. The exceptional combination of gold and silver gilding and the "blue de Tours" had an immense succes given that the gold/silver shapes are uniquely accentuated by the blue enamel background.


The name Asch is pronounce in french as "hache", meaning an axe in English, and the drawing of an axe is used as a stamp for his production.


In the 1920's L'Atelier Primavera, the "art atelier"  brand of Les Galeries Printemps, acquired Sainte-Radegonde and continued to use the "hache-axe" stamp. The manufacturer seized to exist in 1986.


    Exceptional geometrical and abstract art work by Asch who normally produces vegetation work on his vases.


    Axe, hache drawing signature referring to Asch and Made in France.

  • DATE:

    c. 1930


    Pure gold and silver abstract decoration on a blue de Tours enamel on earthenware



  • SIZE:

    52 cm high x 19 cm broad - 20,47 -inch x 7,48 inch


    3,33 kg – 7,49 lb




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