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FAIENCERIE DE SAINT - CLEMENT - Vase Profil - c. 1959

FAIENCERIE DE SAINT - CLEMENT - Vase Profil - c. 1959

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Green, elegant, modernist, stepped design vase in "Gourde" (water container) form designed and manufactured by the Faiëncerie de Saint-Clément.


The Faiëncerie de Saint-Clément was established in 1758 aiming for the higher end of the market by producing prestigious objects.It received the distinction of being a Royal Supplier for Marie-Antoinette’s Trianon. In 1892, the factory was acquired by Keller and Guérin, who also owned the Lunéville earthenware factory. Under their management, Saint-Clément expanded significantly in the late 19th century. The factory produced both traditional pieces and innovative Art Nouveau, Art Déco and Modernist pieces. Saint-Clément is regarded as high quality art production using the best techniques available.


    Iridiscent green enamel on ceramic that imitate the texture of marble.

    Iridiscence means that an object isshowing many bright colors that change with the movement of the object.


    On base signed St-Clément France 9908

    On the vase the orginal label Profil St-Clément

  • DATE:

    c. 1959



    Iridiscent green ceramic.


    France, Saint-Clément

  • SIZE:

    32 cm long x 32 cm high x 10,5 cm large - 12.6 inch x 12.6 inch x 4.13 inch


    1,43 kg - 3,25  lb




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