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SAGLIER FRERES – Centre de Table  – c.1930

SAGLIER FRERES – Centre de Table – c.1930

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Table centrepiece high-quality silver-plated metal, Portoro marble and ébène de Macassar handles by famous Art Deco goldsmith Saglier Frères et Cie.


    Beautiful, elegant classical chalice designed by the master goldsmith SAGLIER Frères et Cie. This brand appeared in the 1890s and was created by Victor Saglier (punch V/S). They were goldsmiths located at 12 rue d'Enghien in Paris. Eugène and André Saglier, Victor’s successors, continued under the brand Saglier Frères et Cie. (punch S/F). During the Art Deco period, Saglier Frères produced a range of Art Deco silver objects, including tea and coffee sets, trays, candelabras, and vases. These objects were highly decorative and featured the bold, geometric designs and streamlined shapes that were characteristic of the Art Deco style. Saglier Frères was known for its innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, and its Art Deco silver objects were highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs of the time. Today, Saglier Frères Art Deco silver objects are highly collectible and are considered important examples of the Art Deco style. Very rare combination of silver-plated metal Portoro marble and ébène de Macassar. 


    Punch/mark Christofle France for Christofle Orfévrerie Master Goldsmith on both pieces

  • DATE:

    c. 1930


    Silver-plated metal, handles of the chalice in ébène de Macassar, base of the chalice in Portoro marble



  • SIZE:

    36 cm long x 13,5 cm large x 20 cm high / 14,17-inch x 5,11 -inch x 7,87 -inch



    4,98 kg – 8,12 lb




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