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ORFEVRERIE CHRISTOFLE - GIO PONTI - Bougeoirs Cornes D'Abondance  - c. 1960

ORFEVRERIE CHRISTOFLE - GIO PONTI - Bougeoirs Cornes D'Abondance - c. 1960

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The Christofle-Gio Ponti Bougeoirs Abondance an elegant pair silver-plated metal candelstick holders designed by Gio Ponti (1891-1971) in Art Deco style in 1928 already and executed by Christofle around 1960.


Gio Ponti, an Italian architect, furniture designer, and editor, played a pivotal role in 20th-century Italian modernism. His work spanned various genres, from Art Deco ceramics for Richard-Ginori (Novecenti movement), glassware for Venini and furniture, the famous Superleggera dining chair, to iconic buildings like the Pirelli Tower in Milan, Italy's talles building,  and the Denver Art Museum. Through his magazine Domus, Ponti championed modern art and design, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape. Its distinctive Art Deco & Modernisme design and historical significance make it a sought-after piece among collectors and design enthusiasts alike.  He created numerous pieces for Christofle, including the famous Orgue vase, the Cavallo Grande and these Abondance candlestick.



    These elegant candleholders showcase Ponti’s signature blend of geometric forms and functional beauty. The design reflects the Art Deco style, characterized by clean lines, symmetry, and a touch of opulence.

    Described with picture in book Gio Ponti’s “The Complete Work” on page 1851. Also in book 20th Design, the Definitive Ilustrated Sourcebook, P. 201.


    Punch/mark "Christofle France" for Christofle Orfévrerie Master Goldsmith, escutheon Christofle and Coll.Gallia mark.


  • DATE:

    c. 1928 designed, executed in 1960's


    Silver-plated metal



  • SIZE:

    21 cm/8,46 -inch high 



    1,27 kg – 2,12 lb each




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