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MARCEL ANDRE BOURAINE – Amazone – c.1930 -

MARCEL ANDRE BOURAINE – Amazone – c.1930 -

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Top quality statue of a stylised female nude with streamline hairstyle representing an Amazone. Amazones was the name the ancient greeks gave to a a mythical people of female warriors, who in the epics were situated beyond Troy and also in Thrace. In Western modernity the term Amazon is used for all female warriors and societies in which there are only women or women are clearly in the foreground. Statue designed by the great Marcel Andre Bouraine (1886-1948) who was known to use the pseudonym "Marcel Andre Derrene" and "Denis". He was born in Pontoise, a suburb of Paris and famous district for great artists in the 19th and 20th century. He start exposing in 1922 in the Salon de la Société des Artistes Français and collaborated with the famous glass artist Gabriel Argy Rousseau. He was very known for his female statues.


    Silver and black patina on the bronze statue on a stepped base. This statue is documentated in among others following books: Bryan Catley - Art Déco and other Figures - Editions Antique Collectors' Club, England, 1978, page 46. Further information on Bouraine: Victor Arwas, Art Deco Sculpture, 1992, page 25 and 232, as in Art Deco Sculpture, Alastair Duncan, page 371.


    Signed Bouraine and Etling Paris, the foundry, in the base

  • DATE:

    c. 1930


    silver and black patina on bronze



  • SIZE:

    15cm high on 26 cm long x 5 cm wide/ 5,91 inch-high x 10,24 inch long x 1,9 inch wide


    1,3 kg – 2,14 lb




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  • 360° view

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