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LE VERRE FRANCAIS - Charles Schneider - Vase Rhodendrons - c. 1927

LE VERRE FRANCAIS - Charles Schneider - Vase Rhodendrons - c. 1927

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Vase with stylised Rhodendrons motif decoration designed by Charles Schneider and executed in the Société Anonyme des Verreries. Charles Schneider (1881-1953) was founder and manager (together with his sister and brother Ernestine and Ernest) of Schneider, one of the largest glass studios in France. In 1926 he was awarded the Légion d'Honneur for special merit to France. Le Verre Français is a brand used in 1920-1930 by Schneider for luxury glass collection and mainly sold in the luxury and design departments of Galeries Lafayette (La Maitrise) , Le Printemps (Primavera) and Au Bon Marché (Pomone).


    White glass fading into orange, with a double glass layer with pink powder colour and then overlaid with pink and purple acid etched Rhodendrons flower motif. With picture of a similar coupe in book Charles Schneider, French Art Deco Glass - Tiny Esveld/Marie-Christine Joulin – p202 and 203.


    Signature Le Verre Français etched in foot. Glasmarken Lexikon - Carolus Hartman - p. 796 and p. 138 – 2729, exactly dated 1926-1933, only on cameo

  • DATE:

    c. 1927-1928


    Cameo overlaid coloured glass


    France, Epinay-sur-Seine

  • SIZE:

    39 cm x top opening: 9 cm – 15,30 -inch x inch/top opening: 3,54 inch


    1,82 kg – 4,05 lb




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