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CAMILLE FAURE – ALEXANDRE MARTY - Vase Cassis - c. 1925 -

CAMILLE FAURE – ALEXANDRE MARTY - Vase Cassis - c. 1925 -

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Vase designed by Camille Fauré (1874-1956) and Alexandre Marty (1876-1943) in Limoges. Vase with the Cassis fruit, a blueberry plant found in forests, a floral theme which was an Art Nouveau style but applied on an Art Deco form.  Camille Fauré (1875 -1956) was born in Perigueux in 1872 and spent a long apprenticeship before setting up his own workshop in Limoges, where he worked for more than fifty years. Fauré became Limoges most famous and talented enamel artist. He exhibited at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1925, which gave the name to Art Deco. Alexandre Marty was also an art enamel designer. The collaboration between both was short-lived (1922-1925) but intense and fruitful. Pieces with joint signatures are very rare!


    Copper vase with enamel ground layer, then silver leaf, after which layers of glass enamel are applied that melt in the oven. Each complementary colour is applied layer over layer which creates a luminous, colorful brilliance. Subtle complexity of shades and colour combinations as turquoise, light blue, pink, lavender and light green. Enamel is glass that has been crushed to a very fine powder and heated until it reaches the point of fusion and becomes hard and shiny. The colours are created by the addition of various oxides to the glass powder. E.g. Blue and turquoise: cobalt and copper, red and pink: copper and gold  (these colours are very precious), yellow: uranium and iron, white: tin,  violet: manganese and cobalt. Vase Cassis is documented with large picture in book Alberto Shayo – Camille Fauré Limoges Art Deco Enamels - The Geometry of Joy, p.65.  Biography of Fauré p. 378 Art Deco - De Definitieve Gids voor de Decoratieve Kunst van de Jaren 20 en 30 - Alaistair Duncan.


    FAURE - MARTY. Limoges.

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    Copper base, with a first enamel coating called ‘fondant’ to protect the copper base, then silver foil called “paillon” to heighten the natural sheen and depth of the enamel, with finally the enamel powder in different colours applied.


    France, Limoges

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    19,5 cm/top opening: 8 cm- 7.8 inch/top opening: 3,14 inch


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