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DEMETER H CHIPARUS - Echo no1 - c. 1925

DEMETER H CHIPARUS - Echo no1 - c. 1925

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Iconic statue of a half nude woman with Egyptian style clothing listening to a sea shell, hence the name of the statue Echo no.1.Made by Demeter H Chiparus (1888-147), a Romanian sculptor living in Paris who became the prominent Art Deco sculptor and later referred in a book by A. Shayo as The Master of the Art Deco. 


Chiparus was born in Dorohoi, Romania, and studied at the Fine Arts School in Bucharest. After completing his studies, he moved to Paris in 1909, where he continued his training at the École des Beaux-Arts, the Académie Julian and at apprenticeships with renowned french sculptors as Antonin Mercier and Jean Boucher. In Paris, Chiparus became interested in the Art Deco movement, which was characterized by its sleek, modernist aesthetic and interest in ancient cultures. His work was mainly influenced by the interest in Egypt, after the excavation of the Pharaon’s tombs in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes by Howard Carter  and then in the 30’s by the “Ballets Russes ” by Diaghilev. He began creating sculptures in this style, using materials like bronze, artistic metal, ivory, and marble to capture the elegance and energy of dancers and other performers.

Chiparus quickly gained recognition for his work, exhibiting his sculptures in galleries and at international art fairs. He was particularly popular in the United States, where his work was exhibited in museums and private collections.


Despite his success, Chiparus's career was interrupted by World War II. He was forced to flee Paris during the German occupation and returned to Romania, where he continued to work in relative obscurity until his death in 1947.


Today, Chiparus's sculptures are highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts, and his legacy as one of the foremost sculptors of the Art Deco era continues to inspire new generations of artists.




    Polychrome, gold and dark brown lustrous patina on artistic metal, statue made in ancient cast,  on a black Belgian marble base with very beautiful stained brown marble, and geometric inlay of Onyx and black Belgian marble. 


    Signed D.H. Chiparus in the black Belfian marble.

  • DATE:

    c. 1925


    Lustruous patinated artistic metal
 on Belgian black marble with brown marble en Onyx inlay.



  • SIZE:

    74,5 cm long x 15 cm large x 32 cm high – 29.31-inch x 6.1-inch x 13.1 -inch


    12,1kg – 26,45 lb.




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