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BOCH FRERES KERAMIS - CHARLES CATTEAU – Vase Africaniste – c. 1923 -

BOCH FRERES KERAMIS - CHARLES CATTEAU – Vase Africaniste – c. 1923 -

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Vase with stylised cactus leaves and evenly distributed twigs in matt black, brown and dark beige glazes and glossy crackeled with enamel. Typical Africanism inspired style typical of the Art Deco, designed in the Atelier de Fantasie at Boch Frères Keramis by Charles Catteau (1880-1960) who was the most versatile ceramic artist of his generation. He was born in Douai, graduated in Sèvres and started in 1906 with Boch where he stayed until 1946. The Royal Museum of Art and History (Cinquantenaire) has a special area entirely dedicated to the works of art of Charles Catteau.


    Two-tone decor with geometric patterns representing stylized leaves and twigs and white craquelé enamel. Described in book Art Deco Ceramics - Charles Catteau - Marc Pairon - 


    Catalogued and signed as Decor 776 and Form 901. Signed "Charles Catteau" with brand Boch Keramis

  • DATE:

    1923. Decor 776 is exactly dated: 1923


    Craquelé glazed enamel on Grès Cerame (a kind of earthenware, in this material typical between 1920 and 1925)


    La Louvière 

  • SIZE:

    23cm x top opening: 7 cm – 9,06 inch/top opening: 2,76 inch


    1,75kg - 3,13 lb




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