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The Boutique's tips to enjoy the Roaring Twenties

As in the “Roaring Twenties”, we are currently living in extraordinary and turbulent times in which the luxury and optimistic image of the Art Deco style is very attractive.

Take the opportunity to

visit - Art Beats - Spilliaert Magritte Ensor & more till 24/06 @ Belfius Tower, Brussels

read - Art Deco complete, the definitive guide, Alastair Duncan, Amazon

watch - Altamar, disturbing family secrets on an Art Deco Ocean liner, Netflix

listen - Art Deco in 9 minutes: Why Is It The Most Popular Architectural Style?

drink - Beers and eat good local food in Art Deco brasserie Aba Jour, Patershol, Gent

enjoy - Top cocktails in Art Deco American Bar by Adolf Loos, Vienna

stay - Art Deco style hotel Double Tree by Hilton in front of the Belfius Tower, Brussels

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