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VAL SAINT-LAMBERT - JOSEPH SIMON - Bonbonnière - Uranium glass - c. 1926

VAL SAINT-LAMBERT - JOSEPH SIMON - Bonbonnière - Uranium glass - c. 1926

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VAL SAINT-LAMBERT - JOSEPH SIMON - Bonbonnière - Prince Napoléon Cécile - Uranium Glass  - Cristaux de Fantaisie - 1926 - Very Rare.


    Prince Napoléon design with Cécile shape bonbonnière/candy dish designed by Joseph Simon and executed by Val Saint-Lambert around 1926. Cut and acid engraved uranium crystal cover with mistletoe decor over doubled and crystal pot.

    Mistletoe is an evergreen plant that lives on trees. It is a semi-parasite: it depends on its host for water and salts. Mistletoe is also called bird glue, gui (french) or maretak (dutch). The mistletoe is seen as a symbol of fertility and life. In Scandinavian fairy tales, the mistletoe represents love and friendship. For instance, the plant's white berries represent the tears of Frigg, the Norse goddess of love.

    Bowl perfect for storing sweets or small treasures, bijoux. Its geometric shape reflects the Art Deco style, which was prominent during that era.

    With design drawing p. 107 in the catalogue raisonné of the Val Saint-Lambert Fantasy Cristal from the Art Deco Period (1919-1930), a Design Catalogue, by Gérard and Jean LaCroix. 


    No mark. Marks for Val Saint-Lambert were at that time only used for items for export and the first item in the series that was used to present the new model.

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     Uranium glass/crystal. This crystal also known as Vaseline glass, is a fascinating type of glassware that has had uranium added to its composition for coloration. The normal color of transparant or non transparant uranium glass ranges from pale yellowish-green (Depression glass) to deeper green depending on the oxidation state and concentration of the metal ions. When exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, uranium glass fluoresces brightly in a vibrant green hue.


    Belgium, Seraing

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    15 cm - 5,91 inch


    0,466 kg - 1,04 lb




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