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GUIRANDE - JOE DESCOMPS – Danseuse au Thyrse – Le Grand Modèle – c. 1930

GUIRANDE - JOE DESCOMPS – Danseuse au Thyrse – Le Grand Modèle – c. 1930

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Spectacular  and fine bronze sculpture of a very elegant danseuse holding a Thyrse or Baton Fleuri and with her hear embellished with grape and vine leaves. A Thyrse is a type of inflorescence in which the main axis grows indeterminately, and the subaxes (branches) have determinate growth. Designed by Joe Descomps (Joseph Jules Emmanuel Cormier) (1869-1950), who often used the pseudonym Guirande. This important Art Deco artist was known for his small scale scuptures, hence this large sculpture is exceptional and rare work. He exposed at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes


    Full bronze statue with cold-painted golden-brown patina and red polychromie flowers/fruit in the hear and on the dress. Solid Portoro marble base in trapezium shape. Very rare in that combination and size. This special type of bronze is made using a cold-working technique to create highly desirable pieces. This bronze was designed directly by the artist who would shape the casting moulds for further reproduction. A single bronze figure was often cast in separate sections using a method known as sand casting and then welded together and handed over to the painters. This labour intensive process required highly skilled craftsmanship. Cold-painting relates to the surface finish, a key element in this type of bronze, and it can involve several processes which take place after the casting is complete. Work on the surface of cast bronzes gives texture and sharpens surface details. Several layers of heavy lead based paint are then applied to the bronze. The standard of painting is of great importance and determines the quality of the final piece. 

    This same model has been sold at Christies London on May 12th 2000, item 190 of the catalogue.


    signed Guirande on the dress

  • DATE:

    c. 1925


    Bronze on Portoro marble



  • SIZE:

    70 cm high on 27 cm wide/ 27,56 -inch-high on 10,63 inch wide


    11,6 kg – 25,5 lb




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